By Paul Christensen


I have been a Christian believer since 1966, when I was converted to Christ in an Assembly of God church in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  I remained in the Pentecostal movement for the following twelve years.  In 1978, I left my last Charismatic church and have fellowshipped with Baptist and Presbyterian churches since then.  But I have not departed from my basic Pentecostal theology and have merged it with my Reformed Puritan theology.  So, you could probably call me a Reformed Continuist believer.


Around a year ago (2019) I obtained and read Dave Hunt's book Seduction of Christianity, and Occult Invasion, where he showed how the occult and pagan mind-control practices have entered into the mainstream Charismatic movement in the form of Word of Faith doctrine.   This doctrine involves:

"Name it and claim it"  - forcing God to give us what we say He will, thereby denying His sovereignty.

"If I put my mind to believing for something" - this is pagan Hindu mind-control, using the mind as a power in itself (sorcery).

Using faith as a power in itself - another form of witchcraft to bypass God who supplies according to His will and not ours.

"We are gods" - the erroneous doctrine that born-again believers are begotten of God and therefore are little gods.  This was. and still is, Satan's deception that we can be like God and be equal to Him.


These are the false teachers who promulgate these false and blasphemous teachings:

Kenneth Copeland

Creflo Dollar

Joyce Meyer

Benny Hinn

Joel Osteen


Benny Hinn is especially deceptive in his doctrine of healing, and millions have died because he has declared them healed and told them not to go back to their doctor or continue with their medicine.   We should always consult our doctor, and never cease our medication unless the person prescribing it instructs us to stop taking it.


Any declared healing that is not validated by before and after medical records should be rejected.


While I am on the topic of false doctrine, I want to warn people about Dream Interpretation.  It is not in the New Testament.  Dreams and visions from the Holy Spirit are clear and definite messages and do not need interpretation at all, especially not from third parties.  Therefore, dream interpretation is Freudian and New Age and should be avoided at all costs.


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