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Bullied by a School Principal and Her Later Come Uppance

Shafted By A Principal Who Wanted His Wife In My Job

Butturds I Have Met






This is an extremely important book for everyone to read because of the serious invasion of the occult and Hindu mind-control and positive thinking into the mainstream Charismatic movement.  We need to be aware of how easily the devil can introduce counterfeits when most Charismatics accept everything supernatural as coming from God, when this is not true at all.

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The following dissertations examine the issue of women’s ministry in the church.  These are well-researched and very informative, and challenge the notion of some churches that have the blanket prohibition of any form of female verbal ministry, including preaching, prophecy and pastoring.

Bringing_Order_to_1_Cor_14_34_35 (1).pdf






My Video Set on The True Gospel of Christ

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My Christian Life

This is an account of my Christian life from the time I received the Lord as my Saviour in 1966 until now.

Exposition of 1 Corinthians 14

This is a verse by verse analysis of this important chapter of the New Testament - for those who want to know what the scripture teaches about tongues and prophecy.

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What Can Inhibit The Holy Spirit

There are ways in which the Holy Spirit can be quenched, grieved, and otherwise inhibited in a person or group.


Many Kinds of Tongues by Rodney W Francis

This is an examination of the ministry of diverse tongues.  It shows that tongues has a wider use than just praise and punctuating our natural language praying.


Why Some People Do Not Get Healed

This is also important reading for understanding when and where the Lord will heal sick people.


Is the Cessationist View Correct?

Have Tongues Really Ceased?

Read My Answer - click here

Here are a couple of good manuals on divine healing

Administering The Children’s Bread


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